Our Tag Lines !!!

  • Flavorsome
  • Wholesome
  • Merrisome at Mega Mart Ventures
  • We sell all essentials under one roof
  • The world in your basket
  • Click Click Checkout
  • Mega Mart Ventures- We deliver and ring your doorbell
  • Mega Mart Ventures- Social and Soulful

Mega Mart Ventures is one of the largest supermarket Franchise chains across india. With an inventory of over 18000 items and collaboration with 1000 brands, Mega Mart Ventures is the next step of customer friendly shopping. Inspired and focussed on enhanced customer experience, we have curated an array that will take care of all your shopping needs.

Our tie ups with farms across the country allows customers to choose from the freshest vegetables and fruits. Cereals, pulses, legumes in the best quality, spices, herbs and seasoning for global culinary experience are being brought together for the convenience of shopping. Frozen foods, condiments, beverages, cosmetic utilities under one roof.

Our USP lies in our own supply chain logistics that enable us to get hand picked items at the lowest cost at your doorstep. Our vision was to make a unified supermarket for all tending to your friends and family’s needs at a marginal cost. Our dynamic rates give you a special price everytime you shop wanting more each time out. Central focus lies in enhancing the customer satisfaction every customer is driving towards a healthy lifestyle, that we promise to bring to their doorstep, freshest and cheapest; that is our promise. Our food supplies and cosmetic products are quality tested with the latest state of the art technology with an experienced team. We pride ourselves in achieving compliance with the highest standards in order to provide the best products in the market. Our well trained employees would assist you in every step of your shopping along with the latest technology employed for fast and easy experience. We at Mega Mart Ventures thrive at the experience of creating a better and healthy lifestyle for our customers..

Our Mission

  • Save the earth - we believe in looking after the planet we live in.
  • Creating a huge platform for employment In the world.
  • Bringing together farmers and consumers making good food accessible to all
  • We aim at integrating all our partners, employees, and stakeholders under an unified goal.
  • We envision ourselves reaching millions of households across the world every year.
  • We see ourselves being the pioneers of on-line shopping.
  • We inspire to be the face of transformation for healthy and environment friendly products leaving a minimum carbon footprint.