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In the 21st century, the world is available at our doorstep in an instant. Mega Mart Ventures promises in bringing a wide range of products to your neighbourhood. With our stores available across 125+ cities,
we believe in bringing you the daily essentials at the lowest price which matches your shopping needs and trends.

'Mega Mart Ventures' spreads prominence in the world of supermarket, where supreme quality meets the best price.
"Aap Bachaye, Hum Muskuraye"

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Researched Data forecasting

A well researched data forecasting for low working capital

Smart Price analysis

Smart price analysis to elevate sales

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Affordable service helps you save big



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One Month Store Launch Dare

  • Layout Design & Finalisation
  • GST registration or APOB
  • Shop and Establishment
    registration licence; FSSA
  • StMe Infrastructure set up
  • Signages and Facades
  • IT Set up and Launch

How Are We Different From Other Brands?

Low franchise fees

Franchise Fees

Product supply

Product Supply

Megamart support and services

Support & services

Stock expiry management

Expiry Management

higher returns

Higher Return

Megamart supermarket franchise

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1What is the required investment to open a Mega Mart franchise?

Your investment is based on a number of variables. The area factor is the primary. Depending on the region, a minimal investment is required if your land is only a small size. Additionally, you need a lot of capital if your land is large.

2 Before approving the franchise, will you survey the site?

Yes, the site survey is something we do. Again, we apologize for making it difficult, but it is crucial to hold the title of being the top supermarket franchise in India because it carries a lot of responsibility.

3How long will it take you to open a Mega Mart franchise?

The process of opening a MEGA Mart franchise is quick. From the day of your payment, we open a MEGA Mart Store in no more than 30 days.

4What is a supermarket franchise?

A supermarket franchise is a business concept in which a supermarket brand permits individuals or businesses (franchisees) to run their own supermarkets utilizing the well-proven methods and backing of the established brand.

5 What are the benefits of holding a franchise for a supermarket?

Franchise ownership in a supermarket comes with a number of benefits, such as:

6Can I choose the location for my supermarket franchise?

Franchisors frequently offer support and direction when choosing an appropriate location for your supermarket franchise. They may have certain requirements for optimal locations, including things like accessibility, closeness to other businesses, population density, and foot traffic. The final decision will need to be made by the franchisor on the site.

7 What kind of support and training should I expect as a franchisee?

For new franchisees, franchisors often provide thorough training programmes that cover a variety of areas of running a supermarket franchise. This could involve things like inventory control, customer service, marketing plans, and more. Ongoing support is additionally offered, including help with regular operations, marketing initiatives, and updates on market developments.

8 Which types of stores will Mega Mart open?

Using the FOFO Model, MEGA MART open grocery supermarkets across India..

9Can I own multiple franchises for supermarkets?

Yes, there are many instances where franchisees have the chance to control multiple supermarket franchises in a given territory or area. To meet the added obligations, however, owning several franchises might necessitate additional funding, managerial abilities, and resources.